The Best Chess Coaches in The World

We only use elite experienced International Chess Master Coaches for preparation and for our International trips who have achieved incredible things in the Chess Kingdom.

You may have heard of some of our Elite Master Chess Coaches. Their profile can be viewed below:

  • FM / FT Charlie Storey
  • GM / FST Adrian Mihailcisin
  • GM Jonathan Hawkins
  • FM Tim Wall
  • IM / FST Andrew Martin 
  • GM Nigel Davies
  • FM Gary Kenworthy

Coaches Profile

FIDE Master Charlie Storey

Great Britain Junior Squads was founded by FIDE Master Charlie Storey. He is an A Level computing teacher and world class chess coach and is famous for his best selling Chess Base products – The Sniper and The White Sniper.

Charlie was England International Junior Team coach for 4 Years before the Corona virus pandemic.

He recently moved to Malta to develop chess, whilst overseeing Queens Gambit Academy

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Grand Master Adrian Mihailcisin

Adrian is the author of 21 chess books published in Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Yugoslavia, USA. He has also published 13 ChessBase ChessBase DVDs which are widely studied studied by chess players world wide

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Grand Master Jonathan Hawkins

Hawkins is an English chess grandmaster. He was the British Chess Champion in 2015,[1] having outscored David Howell, with whom he shared the title in 2014

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Fide Master Tim Wall

Tim Wall is a FIDE Master, journalist, chess coach and FIDE International Organiser from Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

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