We have spaces available for Chess Trainers and Chess Organisers to become our Official County Partners of Great Britian Junior Squad Partnered with ChessBase.

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What you get for becoming our Official Partner:

You receive 
– Voting Rights, Branding Images, Website page on our website, Training guidance, Business Templates with Branding, ongoing adverting on our Brand
– Send your kids to our merchandise store, bring some of your kids on our development International programs hotline to owners. Part of a team, opportunities for more work through our ever expanding incredible organisation.

Event Organisers – Official Partners available

Official County Partners of Great Britian Junior Squad partnered with ChessBase 
Official Partners available

We have County Organiser positions which involve using our Chess into Schools solution and weekend Training tournaments
– We show you how to do it
– Give you ongoing support and training and you become our Official Partner.

We only take on 1 Partner per County and it could be you! You also become our Sunday afternoon Blitz chess Organisers. We also give you a profile page on our Official Website to support your applications to schools, companies, parents and to other institutions and many free resources including free access to our ChessBase server for your students.

Become part of our 
Great Britian Junior Squad Super team and we will also pay you to help our with further organisational duties at £10-£40 per hour!